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Monroe Needs Mayor Jamie Mayo


Before you pull that lever at the polls this Saturday (July 11, 2020), think about the BEST decision for electing a mayor.

Actually, there is no perfect time to make a change, but IF and /WHEN a change is made, that change should be for something better or at least for something equally as Good.

Unfortunately, there are absolutely no candidates vying for mayor who can fill the shoes of Mayor James E. Mayo.

There are underlying reasons that each candidate has, which comes with ambition, but often ambition is blind. Our citizens should not be penalized by a leader who is trying to find the way in the darkness of ignorance nor a leader who has to be told how to run the operations of the city.

Mayor Mayo has been successful in so many ways. He has a formal education with a university-level degree. His financial experience speaks volumes through budgetary records of the city of Monroe. Mayor Mayo came to the city with professional experience which he acquired from positions at JP Morgan Chase, All-State Insurance and Stare Farm Insurance. In these capacities he gained management experiences and acquired additional management through Monroe City employees. His government experiences are a matter of record which shows the growth of all aspects of the city reveals development and positive change.

Saturday, July 11, 2020 is the time to be real and think about the future of the city of Monroe and re-elect Jamie Mayo #189 to continue to positively expand Our City and Our Future.

The city of Monroe needs Jamie Mayo as Mayor for another term.

Vote Jamie Mayo # 189! Vote Jamie Mayo # 189! Vote Jamie Mayo # 189 !


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