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The Ask is Simple


David Harris

A loved one's death certainly leaves a void in the lives of those with whom they were intertwined. Untimely deaths can cause lots of emotional turmoil for many family and friends. Marrying an untimely and unfortunate death and loved ones can be left with horrifying trauma. The family of David Harris, a Monroe resident who died while in the custody of the Monroe Police Department (MPD), is still petitioning city leaders to release any footage that would reveal more details on why and how their beloved family member's life came to an end. Dozens of questions come to mind as I imagine having to watch a recording of someone's life slipping away. I feel more profound sadness thinking a family's only hope for closure is to watch the gruesome death of their loved one. Honestly, what else could it be? Several months have now passed since the news of David Harris' death happened, and still no word from city or law enforcement leadership regarding what really happened. The ask is simple: release footage and details regarding Harris' death; furthermore, provide tangible ways the MPD is working to avoid and de-escalate conflict between the public and officers. Things only get complicated when one is trying to hide something they do not want to be known. Mayor Ellis, Police Chief Zordan, City Council Representatives – it is time for honesty and closure.

No more sympathy and condolences; show that there is some authenticity to the words you say.


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