Thank You


October 12, 2023

Dr Ollibeth Reddix

A few weeks after qualifying as a candidate for Police Juror District D, one of the mothers of my church came up to me in church and handed me a card. She said the Lord told her to give it to me. The part of the card that really touched me said, " When success comes to one of us, it comes to all of us." If I were ever feeling some kind of way, I would remind myself of the Lord's encouragement, and I would feel the fire to pursue my goal of becoming Police Juror for District D. I really want to thank all of you who believe that I will serve you well for voting for me, but our job is not done yet. Early voting is over, but the final voting day is this Saturday, October 14, 2023. Call your family, friends, and neighbors and tell them to vote for me, #68. If they need a ride, give them a ride. Remember, when one wins, we all win. I am and will always be "dedicated to serve". Dr. Ollibeth Reddix, DDS, candidate for Police Juror, District D, #68


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