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America's Racist, Discriminatory Drug War/Laws


November 2, 2017

For decades the American criminal justice, and law enforcement systems have waged an unjust war against black, brown, and poor Americans, enabled by conspiratorial laws designed to target and enforced upon the above-mentioned American citizens. American government officials launched this money-generating war against people of color and lower economic status,,, to exploit and enslave the less fortunate. Although America is a drug-saturated country for both legal and illegal drugs, and the fact that it’s overwhelmingly those who are rich and powerful that bring tons of drugs into America for mass distribution, it primarily enforces and creates drub laws that have an adverse impact on blacks, Hispanics, poor whites/blacks, others. The so-called drug war has turned into trillion-dollar enterprises in both the public (government) and private (drug manufacturers and distributors) sectors. The number one target of the racist drug war are black Americans, who are subjected to the highest profiling, harassment, arrest, convictions, sentencing, bonding, probation, felony status, incarceration, parole and jobless rate of all races. Blacks are a hefty market and slave product, often arrested and held in prison without due process, or a speedy trial. Prisons are built and filled with blacks, who once convicted and labeled as a felon, lose his/her voting rights, right to bear arms, work rights, and over al constitutional rights, and full citizenship. This discrimination renders blacks to slave status that breaks up families, takes away black votes, and makes it easy to re-arrest blacks at will. America’s drug war is racist, discriminatory and unjust. Please vote!!


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