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 By Perry Thomas    News    June 21, 2018

Rev. Harvey B. Simmons Will Be Missed

On Saturday June 16, 2018, God called our loved one, good neighbor, and friend Rev. Harvey Benoit Augusta Roosevelt Simmons home after he lived a full and fulling life of loving God and fellowman. Rev...


America's Racist, Discriminatory Drug War/Laws

For decades the American criminal justice, and law enforcement systems have waged an unjust war against black, brown, and poor Americans, enabled by conspiratorial laws designed to target and enforced upon the above-mentioned American citizens....


Democrats vs Republicans; Good vs Evil

Forget the labels, hype and distractions. There are no democrats, republicans, independents, or other parties representing the people and government of America. Only people with good and evil purpose and intentions are elected to govern the people...


The Soul of Black and White America

There is a stark comparative difference of daylight and darkness between black and white races in America, which is reflected and manifested through the actions beliefs and history attributed to both races in the world. Of course the differences...


America's Anthem, Flag, Freedom, Justice Hypocrisy

God loves the truth and the light. The American National Anthem, flag and claims of freedom and justice do not have the same symbolism for all Americans. Certainly not for black Americans and other minorities, the poor and downtrodden. White American...


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