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Thy Will Be Done


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Dear Heavenly Father, dont mean to bother, you but we need to talk

Go wake up Jesus and Job, because I was told, they had a simular walk

The Lord will understand me, because I’ve been nailed to a tree, blood dripping from my feet and hands

Like Job was tried and tested, my development has been arrested, and much more I can not stand.

Are the clouds so dark and deep, that your eyes are unable to see, that your child is on this cross?

It’s impossible to move my legs, going around in circles with dizzy head, what was in my hands is lost.

My will has been taken, I feel forsaken, will I ever get my reward ?

Got nothing left, I need your help, before I fall on my sword.

I see the evil, in the people, they ain’t acting right

They get ahead, while my bed, feels like a brick at night.

I been stressing, to get a blessing, but they say I must pay

My 10%, forget the rent, and what the light bill say.

The deacon deaking, the preacher preaching, but there’s no flesh on their words

True religion, not superstition, is making love be a verb.

They say you left, them as your reps, but where the hell have they been

A crooked wolf, that know the book, leave sheep to die in their sins.

They pass right by, the other side, and don’t even stop to look

While they be waiting, we turn to Satan, getting caught by his hook.

Call me a snitch, I’ll take my lick, because I’m dropping a dime

A crying shame, messed up your name, they should be charged with a crime.

But, I’m no fool, I know the rules, that they have bent until they broke

Can’t look to them, our chances slim, just like a neck in a rope.

They’re only men, are bound to sin, and fall short of the mark

They’re just like us, were made from dust, and do their dirt in the dark.

Your will shall be done, I know you won’t come, down from out of no clouds

We are your only eyes, hands and feet, your ears to hear and lips to speak, I know much better now. .

You know I’m young in the word, life had thrown me a curve, and almost struck me out

Blinded by the deeds of others, Satan was hiding under the cover, and had me headed south.

So, you can tell Job, he can take off his robe, and get back into the bed

I will wait until my change comes, from this problem I won’t run, I’m expecting double for all my trouble instead.

Since Jesus is at your right hand, let Him know that I will stand, and fight this enemy until I have won

I will be strengthened by this test, and have learned like all the best:



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