No Struggle, No Progress

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    The Po Folks Poet Mr. Marion Obafemi|Feb 25, 2021

    Copyright 2012 inspired By: God "A BRIGHTER DAY " (Psalm 30:5, Isaiah 40:31, Galatians 6:9) We wouldn’t know there was an up if there was no down Wouldn’t appreciate a smile if there was no frown. We wouldn’t recognize joy if there was no pain Wouldn’t have no flowers without the rain. We wouldn’t know the warmth of love without the cold of hate Wouldn’t be fulfilled, when we give, without the emptiness of take. We wouldn’t know how to win if we didn’t lose Wouldn’t appreciate the wisdom of a w...

  • "MY MIND"

    The Po Folks Poet Mr. Marion Obafemi|Aug 13, 2020

    Psalm 30:5, Jeremiah 1:12 (A poem for encouragement when all is lost) Copyright 2008 Written By: Mr. Marion Obafemi and inspired by God My job was lost, I had problems with the boss, and it was no fault of my own The economy dropped, but the bills didn't stop, so all my savings is gone My wife is sad, my credit is bad, so the bank won't give me a loan I would call for help, from those with wealth, but my phone has no dial tone My rent is due, and I don't have a clue, about how I will keep my...

  • "THE HOOK" Copyright 2004

    The Po Folks Poet Mr. Marion Obafemi|Jul 9, 2020

    When I was young and just a small fryer I searched through the dirty waters of my hood and used to admire The big fish with fancy rides, women on the side and teeth that shine like fire. They wore the latest styles with do rags and timbs They rolled in candy-painted whips with twenty-two inch rims And, I said to myself, “I want to be like them”. Popa was a rolling stone, he left us alone and he’s probably locked up state Moma is praying, that she can keep paying, maximum bills with only a minim...

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