No Struggle, No Progress

It's Time Monroe Louisiana

God has been so merciful. He has blessed in spite of, kept in spite of and comforted in spite of. He's so faithful, so loving and so kind, but how long do you think God will continue to put up with the wickedness in the midst of that land? From the misinformation of truth, to the discord amongst leadership, to the senseless bloodshed of those who should still be amongst the living- God has seen it all. He is no longer winking (overlooking things). We can pay an enormous price when we ignore God’s voice. It’s time to work together. It’s time to put differences aside and work in unity to repair breaches, improve the economy, create opportunities for all ages and be intentional about crime reduction and elimination. How long will pride and egos speak? How long will strife and contention have a say? How long will the city await a much needed makeover? Monroe citizens, don’t be deceived. Continue to pray (for those who do pray). Help where it’s needed. Be a light, so that Monroe can be lit again, the right way. Also, vote wisely regarding the council seat.


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