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B.R.O.S. 4V4 Ballout

B.R.O.S (Beating and Redefining The Odds of Society) 4V4 Ballout Tournament was held Saturday, August 5, 2023, at Marbles Community Center in Monroe, LA, for boys and girls ages 15-20. All youth could attend. B.R.O.S was founded with a major interest in helping combat violence. The 2023 4V4 Ballout Tournament added a huge twist by adding one girl to each team as a substitute, which made for an epic and beautiful activity for the community. Follow B.R.O.S @BROSMentoring on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo - B.R.O.S Mentor Brandon Wilhite with B.R.O.S. award recipient Jayden Godfrey...


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