No Struggle, No Progress

The End Is Near

Protect your family name and inheritance. The immigrants like Naomi and her family were looking to preserve their lives as well as their inheritance (Ruth 1:1-2).

After Naomi's husband and sons died, she felt she was left without hope. Ruth her daughter-in-law refused to leave her, saying," where you go I will go ". The blessings of God were with the Israelites. Ruth recognized this in Naomi for her to leave her homeland and family. Let our prayers be that the immigrants from South and Central America find what they need to sustain them. Men, women, and Children as young as five are looking for work, on this long, hard journey, without regard of their basic everyday needs to sustain them. Let's pray that they find grace in the eyes of Jesus (Ruth 2:2-3). May ' ALL' Baptist Churches join the Richland Baptist Association, that we may help those that struggle along life's way.

Well Bless God! Superintendent. Henry Davison


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