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Suspicious Death Family Perplexed

A local family is hurting after learning that a beloved family member is allegedly dead. The family allegedly has not received official confirmation from anyone in law enforcement concerning their relative over the last several days, leaving them hurt and confused. The family said they are frustrated with the efforts put forward by law enforcement, who may know what may have happened to their relative. It is an ordeal that has become burdensome, knowing that, as of now, there is not much that they can do but wait. The family said all that they want are answers as to what exactly happened between the last time they saw their loved one and the time that they received an early morning phone call saying that their loved one was dead. The family said the relative was last seen by family members at about 4:00 PM, Friday, March 10, 2023. Around 4:00 AM, Saturday, March 11, 2023, a family member received a phone call from a hospital in Shreveport, LA, stating that someone in their family was in the facility receiving medical treatment. The caller allegedly told that family member that the individual "was in critical condition" and that it "would be a miracle" if that person survived.

A family member frantically drove to Shreveport, LA, and stayed there until the injured member died. The family member asked to see the deceased, but according to the family, it was denied. The family would later learn that their loved one was allegedly found along the 81 mile marker on LA Hwy 134 in West Monroe, LA. The family member was allegedly taken to a local hospital but was later transferred to Shreveport allegedly because of the nature of injuries sustained to the body. The family said that the body was sent to have an autopsy performed, but as of press time(Wednesday March 15, 2023), they have not heard from any investigative law enforcement agency in any capacity but believe that the Louisiana State Police may be looking into the matter. As of now, the family is in pain because no one in an official capacity has not told them anything. They want to know if this is the "standard procedure" for handling deaths of this magnitude. They heard that it allegedly was a hit-and-run incident, but that is not the same as an official confirmation. They continue to wonder why they could get a call from a medical facility where their loved one's body is, why could they not receive a call from law enforcement? They want closure and aren't receiving any.

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