No Struggle, No Progress

"ON THE WINGS OF HIS WORD" (Matthew 6:26)

Copyright 2012

It was 5:45, when I opened my eyes,

and the first thing that I hear

Was the melodic songs, of birds sounding the alarm,

proclaiming that dawn was near.

Their words were so clear, that they tickled my ears, and caused my heart to smile

They said, “Open your eyes, and we’re sure you will find, strength to go the next mile”.

One bird said, "Each day I am fed, and I store no food in a barn,

I don't plant no crops, ain't punching no clock,

but have shelter from the storms".

"So, why are you, looking sad and blue,

don't you know you're a child of the King

He thought so much of you, th...


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