Better Than That


December 22, 2022

Black man still out "there", Please, just get off the block. You'll never win in that game, So please, just stop. You're going to just go under, If that's the way you view the top. Your homies aren't all your homies; Some are flipping, to make you flop. Can I be honest? Sometimes, YOU is all you got. If you have God on your side, Believe me, that's a lot. Make the streets look empty. Make the block real clean. Make the suppliers lack demand. And the dope fiends get clean. Stop tearing down your own people Your own families, your own dreams God's got more for you. Great things you've never seen. The streets don't love you a bit, It's no good ending to this. And the bullets don't miss. The cases don't get dismissed. And the juries won't acquit; So, please- just stop it! Get the skills & knowledge you need, to set yourself up for success; But more importantly, Surrender to God; He'll do the rest I am not judging. This is all love & facts; Once you throw away your life, you may not ever get it back. You don't have to be in darkness Just because you're "Black" Stand up, young kings!


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