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Gunfire ....Three Shot


October 6, 2022

Three individuals were shot several hours after a football game near Carroll High School Friday, October 1, 2022. Sources say that a female and two males were at the intersection of Renwick and Rogers St., just standing and talking, when an individual suddenly approached them. Sources tell the Monroe Dispatch that without exchanging words, the individual produced a gun and fired multiple shots. The incident happened at about 11:45 PM as the trio attempted to flee, but all were struck by gunfire. The female, sources say, tried to run but couldn’t because she was in severe pain after being hit, suffering a wound to her upper forearm. One of the male victims was allegedly shot on his wrist, and the other male was reportedly shot in his leg and arm. Sources said that other people in the area ran from the scene, as there were no other individuals who were hit.

Be advised that the incident did not happen at any time at the school or immediately after the game. Sources say that it was just a situation where people were just milling around before they decided to go wherever it was they were going. The female, according to sources, was taken to a local hospital for treatment. An individual acquainted with the female victim said that someone told him of the incident, and he raced to the hospital, beating the ambulance there. He said that he arrived at the hospital at about 12:35 AM, almost an hour since the shooting. Some of those who were at the scene when the ambulance arrived were confused as to why it appeared that medical service took a while to get to the scene. Sources also say that Monroe Police are “working diligently” to apprehend the shooter, as it is believed that MPD may have an alleged “person of interest” to investigate. There has only been scant media coverage by other news outlets (if any over the last several days) concerning the alleged incident. Still, families affected by the shooting are hoping for an arrest soon. Sources allege the female victim is said to be at home still with the bullet in her arm, as the family waits for doctors to tell them what’s next. Of the two male victims, one is believed to be back home out of town, while the other male victim is said to have returned to the university where he is a student. The families are asking for prayers and privacy for all victims and hope that whoever the triggerman was, he would soon be brought to justice.


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