Train Tragedy


August 18, 2022

Keron Browhow

A Robinson Place Family is going through a very difficult time, trying to find closure over the circumstances of a loved one's death. Starley Browhow said that her uncle, Kerron Browhow, was tragically killed by a train at Booth St./Milhaven on August 9, 2022, around 1:00 AM. Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office was soon notified after discovering Browhow's body, and as of press time, the incident is still under investigation by the Sheriff's office. According to Browhow, Kerron was the youngest of eight siblings born to Bertha Browhow. He was described as a free-spirited, kind-hearted person. He had a great sense of humor and was known and loved by his family and many people who knew him. Family members say that he and his bicycle were almost inseparable. He was on his bicycle the night that, for unknown reasons and how, his life came to a tragic end. The family is struggling with his loss. Starley said the family is coping with his death as they prepare to say goodbye to Kerron. Adding to the family's grief, Starley said they weren't notified until two days passed, even though Kerron had identification on him. It wasn't until 3:30 PM Wednesday, August 10, 2022, when the family got a call to contact the coroner's office. Perhaps, feeling the worse, Starley and several family members went to the coroner's office and were told by someone in the office how long they had his body, and on the night of the incident, he was brought to them by a local funeral home. The body was sent to Little Rock, AK, for an autopsy and back to Ouachita Parish. They were told that only one family member could identify Kerron's remains because of his body condition after being run over by the train. Starley said that before they got to identify Kerron at the coroner's office, they were told that the same funeral home that initially picked up his body to bring to the coroner's office was asked to get his remains back from the coroner but were told that the funeral home couldn't take the remains until next of kin had been notified. That's when they knew Kerron was dead and confirmed when Starley's son identified her uncle. Before Kerron was identified at the coroner's office, the family went to the media in an effort to alert the public of his whereabouts. Starley said that she was told that there was no police report filed, which may have led to non-coverage in the area because no one outside of law enforcement and railroad officials knew of Kerron's death, not even his family. She also said the family didn't receive help from city officials, though she said they were told their situation would be reviewed. Was it because law enforcement didn't notify the media of a death by train that kept the press from doing a story on Kerron's death? The family would like an answer. The Monroe Dispatch is the only media outlet reporting on Kerron's death as of press time.

Initial reports state that Kerron was probably crossing the tracks as the train was slowly backing up. Kerron would somehow be run over before he could move away, causing him to be killed. An employee called a spotter would normally be at the train's rear to alert the front engineer to move back when the tracks are clear. The family wants there to be closure so they can move on. They know that things like this can happen to anyone, but knowing the truth as much as possible will help bring them closure. They said they heard rumors that Kerron may have been killed elsewhere and brought to the tracks. The Sheriff's reports made no mention of any outside forces, but the investigation, as of now, is continuing. They are not placing blame on any particular party. Still, they believe that the overall situation from when Kerron's body was found to the time they got the call from the coroner's office could have been handled better. As of now, the family can only wait for a conclusive report. In the meantime, the family is preparing to say their final goodbyes. A balloon release is scheduled for Thursday, August 25 (Kerron's birthday), tentatively at Chennault Park from 6:00 - 8:00 PM. A memorial will be held Saturday, August 27, 2022, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM at the Berean B. C. at 1317 South 10th St. in Monroe. Please keep the Browhow family in your prayers as they seek closure in their moment of grief.


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