Fired... Doing Their Job


A local woman is out of her job for reasons she said she couldn’t understand over circumstances beyond her control. The individual stated that her job was out of town, she enjoyed her job, and she got along well with her co-workers. She worked in a managerial position where she had to oversee others who worked there. Several months ago, an individual applied for a position under her leadership work filled out an application that required a background check. The individual allegedly was in the process of transitioning and wanted to be known/called by the new name that was not allegedly given at the time of birth. The individual that was to be hired had to wait out the background check process, where he sent several texts to the woman asking why it was taking so long to complete. In those texts, the woman appeared to show every professional courtesy to the individual, at times referring to the new name that was requested, but also by the legal name on identification forms, as the background checks were being done under the legal name on those forms. The individual allegedly would insist on being called by the new name and that under the handbook that governs company guidelines, the woman appeared to be within her rights as a manager to use the individual’s legal name. Until the time the individual would be hired, any information received during the background check was done under the legal name submitted on the application. The individual would continue to ask that the legal name not be used but by the new name, as texts appear to show that this individual was transgender. One text showed that the individual wanted to know if the woman had issues with transgender people. Still, also, at the same time, the individual mentioned how the woman respected and welcomed them with open arms as they were looking for employment.

Subsequent texts would reveal that the woman answered every question from the individual concerning his application/background check and even offered reassurance about the process. At this time, someone else was in charge of the application, as the woman said they were at a standstill and that if there was another employment opportunity, the individual should take it. The individual finally got the job, as texts showed they shared many exchanges, many of which were encouragement that she would do her best to help him. Still, things deteriorated between the woman and the individual, as that person would begin to call in frequently even though that person was in the 90-day probationary period. The individual even wanted to change the work shift assigned and missed work often. The woman, as a supervisor, tried to explain to the individual why she used the legal name at birth, but, unknown to the woman, someone allegedly went to her superior and told her that she would be fired for her behavior. At that meeting, the woman said she was rudely treated and felt threatened and wanted to know if she could tape the conversation. She was refused and was fired shortly after. She is convinced that she did nothing wrong, as she believes that she showed the individual that she had no issue with the name, not on the birth certificate, and that she only followed the company’s handbook rules. She said that being a Christian, she never intends to offend anyone, as the text revealed, she got along very well with the individual under the circumstances. She just did her job.

In an ever-changing world, who/what people are now is not just Black and White. Gone are the days when people were identified by male/female at birth. The biological signs may still be there, but now people are more expressive in who they truly believe that they are. For so many of us, a lack of understanding between what was and what is may be the key. Understanding and seeing things from someone else perspective of who they are and giving them respect will go a long way. The woman did not disrespect the individual by using the legal name. The texts appeared to prove that. Understanding and acceptance take time, as we are not there yet.


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