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It's the job of the devil, to make life unleveled, to destroy and rob and kill

The winner in you, and he won't be through, unless he breaks your will.

Satan ain't under the ground, with horns on his crown, or a fork inside his hand

He is loose on this earth, sagging pants and short skirts, dressed like a woman or man.

He's trying to rob your cradle, so you won't be able, to birth what's in your belly

Using people as thieves, to steal your hopes and dreams, and make your roses smelly.

When I was young in the word, you could throw me a curve, and strike me out of the game

I'm no longer a spiritual child, and can go the extra mile, because God's wisdom has filled my tank.

So, you can shoot your best shot, I'm keeping my spot, and have one thing to say:

If you are looking for me to quit, or fall for your cheap tricks, then



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