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What Has Happened to the Church?


Galatians 6:7 Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap. Scripture reading, choir singing, Bible teaching, collection plate passing, respect and order, were all the things I use to witness as a little girl going to fellowship. We couldn’t play and talk while God’s Word was going forward. We couldn’t do what we wanted to do in the House of God, and people think it was just fun. We couldn’t disrespect the House of God In any way. I loved it that way. Now, it’s almost like anything goes in places of worship. Maybe the first problem is, people don’t realize, the WE are the Church. We are God’s temple. We’re Christ’s bride (men and women). We walk into the House of God as the Church, and we should always conduct ourselves as such (inside and outside the walls). That’s surely not happening in many places of worship, and it’s unfortunate. God is holy. He doesn’t compromise when it comes to that. He is not mocked. With that being said, let me warn you sisters and brothers, to flee idolatry. Avoid making idols of men and women- including those you may consider spiritual leaders. True pastors are those God’s called after His own heart, and they put the spotlight on Jesus Christ- not themselves. Pastors should be honored, but they are not superstars; they are servants of God, and should conduct themselves as such. Any accounts of Jesus’ life, lets us know that He (of course) knew exactly who He was; yet, He humbled Himself and served. He washed His disciples’ feet. He didn’t ask for miracle money. He healed and blessed freely. He loved people, and He was passionate about their salvation. Many of today’s leaders are self-centered, self-serving, disobedient and pleasers of man and not God. Many in the church love this too. This is why the Church is so powerless, fruitless and meaningless to many. This is why we see big titles, big tithes and offerings, but little transformation, little power & little conversion. This is why there are churches on every corner, but little Christ in people’s hearts I can tell you now, that the Lord is “fruit” inspecting, and many churches will fail inspection, if they don’t obey Him. Pastors, it’s Christ’s Church. If you love Him, feed His sheep; don’t feed on them. Remember, you are under shepherds; you will face the true Shepherd one day. He loves you, and He certainly loves those who are led by you. People, God isn’t impressed by red bottoms, three piece suits, nice ties and lace fronts. He doesn’t care how well together your make-up is, and the car you drive definitely doesn’t move Him. He wants our hearts, obedience and faith. People won’t know we’re His by our titles or status; they know we’re His by the way we love. Perfect love obeys He who IS love. To whom this may apply: Stop playing church; it’s time to BE the Church for real.


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