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Pence: "Not Taking That Ride"


April 28, 2022

I can’t wait for the movie to come out. Political movies like “All of the President’s Men”, where the nation learns just how Watergate played out and what led to Richard Nixon’s resignation, showed us the corrupt nature of American politics. When art imitates life, we often see what lengths some people will go to remain in office. Even when they know that their days are numbered. Former president Donald Trump gave the nation/world a vivid glimpse of what he would not only do, but also who he would throw under the bus to save himself, those being his loyal supporters. One of Trump’s most loyal supporters who stood by him was VP Mike Pence. If there were two men who were opposites, it was Trump and Pence. One didn’t claim to be a saint (guess which one) and the other wanted to be seen as a saint. If there was a time that demonstrated Christianity and secularism, it was between these two men. Pence stood by his man, politically and from a moral’s standpoint. Despite Trump comments about grabbing women by the you-know-where, and numerous sexual harassments allegations against him, Pence saw “no wrong” in Trump, at least not while he was in office. During the events that led up to the January 6 attempted insurrection, Pence was asked to play a pivotal role in helping Trump hopefully remain in office. Though the Constitution explicitly states how the transfer of power from one president to the next is to be carried out, Trump like Nixon, thought that he could get over or get away going around the Constitution. We know what happened to Nixon, as he would resign in disgrace, but would later be pardoned by Gerald Ford when he became president. Trump must have thought that things would be different with him, as the nation had turned solidly red/conservative in many states, as Trump played the Electoral College votes in certain states, but that backfired badly on him. His only recourse was to “win” was through Congress through Republican lawmakers who would not tell Trump that he lost-bigly. One of Trump’s famous words that showed us how smart and articulate he is. Trump’s use of Republicans in Congress to overturn the votes would not be complete without Mike Pence doing what he was demanded to do by Trump. Pence followed the Constitution, knowing that there was basis within the Constitution to circumvent the orderly transfer of power and he went ahead and certify the Electoral College votes, as mandated by the Constitution.

The events of January 6 painted a picture of just how far extremism can go when some don’t get their way. The thousands of Trump supporters who were willing to overturn the government, even as the legal system was exhausted, just to satisfy the refusal of someone who would not admit to the truth and move on. Pence accepted the fact that Trump lost, but probably didn’t know that his life was in danger before January 6. He quickly found out, as the melee at the Capitol ensued, there were those who wanted to “hang” Pence, as he along with the entire Congressional delegation would flee for their lives. Now after hearing information from the committee investigating January 6, there appears to some in the Republican party who didn’t fear for their lives, as revealed texts now show. Now we know that Pence must have feared that the threat against his life was real, as news reports tell us that Pence REFUSED to get inside of a Secret Service automobile that one would assume, would whisk him to safety. According to news reports, Pence allegedly said to agents, “I am not getting into that car”, which must have sent up some flags. Pence was allegedly asked two times to “get into” the car, telling agents “no way Jose” (pun intended), as the violence escalated. Was Pence in fear of his life? Did he trust the people who are sworn to protect him? Did he believe that he was about to take a ride and not return? Pence must have known that if he wasn’t around to do his Constitutional duty to certify the election, that the nation would be in utter turmoil. Police officers and a Trump supporter would die, as a mob was out of control and where was the president? Watching television, saying that the mob consisted of “good” people. Was the safety of his vice president a major concern of his? Maybe the January 6 committee will answer that question. You cannot make this stuff up.

Pence is said to have presidential aspirations heading to the 2024 election. Don’t look for Pence to say anything that might damage his chances, especially if his comments involve Trump in any nefarious activities concerning January 6. Will he one day “explain” why he didn’t get into his limousine or let the screenwriters give us their version? Perhaps Pence felt safer with the Capitol police force than his personal protective force. It has to make one think. Remember, the world is watching. So is God.


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