Tragedy in the Park


October 14, 2021

Elijah Meadows

Tragedy struck in the Charles Johnson Park in Monroe LA, on Monday October 10, 2021, where many are often found completing laps along the trail, playing basketball, or watching kids play. Elijah Emmanuel Meadows was shot and killed in a horrific senseless murder.

Elijah shared a special relationship with his cousin, Ja'Nidjiah. They were so inseparable many who met them thought they were twins. Not only did they work together, they were saving up to move in together, and eventually move to Texas. She was there with him in the park and was there as he took his last breath.

According to Ja'Nidjiah the two decided to go play basketball in Charles Johnson park after work. They played several games with two other friends and were winding down when they saw the guys that would attack them. She said they had noticed the guys at a nearby park bench but only because they assumed they'd wanted to play on the court after they'd finished their game.

Moments later the guys approached a friend they were playing ball with to jump him. A tussle ensued and Elijah joined in an effort to help his friend who was being attacked. They eventually broke off and everyone ran off in opposite directions. Elijah ran away as his attacker pursued him as Ja'Nidjiah chased behind them both. Elijah tripped and fell to the ground but as he was attempting to get up when he was shot in the back three times by his new 5 minute foe. The shooter ran off and she ran to check on her cousin who struggled to breathe. There was no true motive to shoot him and his murder was a truly senseless act. Now, his family only want people to remember his dimpled smile and pleasant disposition. They hate that some media was portraying him as a thug who was aggressive. He was simply an innocent bystander who wanted to help defend a friend in need of help. He was a young Black man in pursuit of what life had for him and was willing to work to find it.

Police are still working to identify those involved in this shooting. Those with any information should contact Crimestoppers at 318.388.2274.

As of press time, Elijah's funeral arrangements were incomplete at press time and will be announced from the funeral home. Please pray for hard the Meadows family.

Photo Elijah Meadows


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