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Know Thy Neighbor


October 7, 2021

A local woman has spent the last several years going through some harrowing experiences that she hopes no one else goes through. She said that her encounters began when she was living in an apartment complex in West Monroe, LA. She said that things started soon after she had moved in and a man of a foreign descent moved into an apartment directly above hers. She remembers speaking to him once, and what he allegedly told her shocked her. She said that he told her that he "knew" that she didn't have any furniture in her apartment, though he had never stepped into her apartment before. How did he know that she wondered? The man said that he was an engineer and that his field was in energy. It would be about a month since he moved in that the woman would see streaking/lights in her apartment. Soon after, the woman noticed that bruises or marks appeared on her arm, but she didn't do anything to herself to cause any injury. Not only that, according to her, at night, her furniture would vibrate or move that seemed to come from the man's apartment over hers. It got to the point where she moved from her bedroom to the guest bedroom, and even more shockingly, the next time she saw the individual, he allegedly told her that she now sleeps in the guest bedroom, as did his children in his apartment. She contacted the office and told them what was happening and that her alarm was always on in her apartment. Someone in the office allegedly spoke to the man's wife, and nothing was admitted as to what their neighbor's alleged complaint was. The woman experiencing these strange phenomena was told by a young lady who lives on the same floor next to the man that she had somehow got bruises on her thigh area about the same time as the woman below. The young lady, according to the woman that had the first encounters, also told her that the man "would watch" her when she was around the pool as if he was stalking her. The woman then said that she got the security officers involved, and after telling him what had happened, she said that he instantly dismissed her concerns and allegedly said that she needed help. Though she was promised that something would be done, it was a promise that wasn't kept, she says. The man and his family moved out before she did, and the strange occurrences in her apartments stopped, and no more bruises appeared.

She has now moved two more times, and the people who moved next to her have been rude in both instances. She says that she does not bother anyone and only spends time with people in her prayer group. She says that she couldn't prove exactly what the man above her apartment was doing or how he did that affected her apartment, but she firmly believes that with his knowledge of using what appeared to be electronic equipment(as his field was in energy), he may have used means such as infrared lights and other equipment that caused her furniture to move around. She knows that she didn't imagine what happened because the young lady directly next to his apartment experienced the same thing as she did when she was living directly below his apartment. She shares her story to give everyone caution to be aware of who lives next to you. She warns that some will put you through hell and use any means to make your life uncomfortable. She urges others with similar stories to tell their stories and know your neighbor as well as you can.


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