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September 9, 2021

Radio Advertising

Call Art Edwards 318 680.1691 or 318.388.2323 and forget the fancy title Art sells radio advertisement.

Edna’s Cooking “Home of the Breakfast Bowl”

Serving southern style hot breakfast and lunch daily: Monday - Friday, 6:00 AM – 2:30 PM. Saturday, 7:00 AM – 2:00 PM. All plates come with coffee or fountain drink. Great food! Great service at reasonable prices. Three Monroe locations: Now Save #1 4399, Hwy 165 South, 318-737-7873; Tiger Market Café, 1800 Forsythe Ave, Suite 1, 318-325-4000; Now Save # 5, Hwy 165 South and Hadley St. Ms. Edna and Staff ~ Serving up LOVE every day! Edna’s Cooking features $4.99 breakfast and coffee, $6.99 lunch, drink & ice cream waiting for you.

Choice Refusing Vaccine

132 members of law enforcement agencies have died of COVID-19 in 2021.

Bonnie’ s Whatever Hats & Etc.

Don’t guess. Trust the hat expert in incredible hats. Bonnie has the eye for the perfect hat for you! Call 318.614.1578 Let Bonnie fix you up with the right size, color and décor of hat appropriate for any occasion female and male. Bonnie will take care of you! See Ad display!

“No Struggle, No Progress”

Thanks for all your support, Monroe Dispatch advertisers, subscribers and supporters. We appreciate our customers!

Ride in Style

Got an old vehicle or about to buy a used vehicle, you’ll need good honest mechanics. Trust EasyDoesIt Auto Care Center at 675 Kansas Lane in Monroe LA because they do great guaranteed work. They know how to fix and repair vehicles in a timely and reasonable manner. Stop letting you know who, get cha making you pay crazy dollars that you really don’t have, unless you got it like that! Call Easy or Rocky at 318-331-5524, you’ll be glad you did! See ad display!

Another Safety Precaution

You wear masks, you wear bulletproof vests. You protect each other. That’s what you do, you protect and you serve.

911/20th Anniversary

The city of Monroe Remembers 9/11 20th Anniversary Saturday September 11, 2021 at Bayou Pointe 1 Warhawk Way in Monroe LA. Doors open at 8:15 AM. Program begins at 8:46 AM. Keynote speaker is former Congressman Jim McCrery.

Contact Us

Got news, been somewhere, or need to tell the world something important? Call the Monroe Dispatch! Subscriptions/advertising-old newspaper copies, call or text 318-789-0098 or 318-325-2858. News or religious log, email [email protected] Monroe Dispatch, P.O. Box 4823, Monroe, LA 71211. Subscriptions (mailed) $40 - year, $22 - 6 months. Subscriptions (home delivery) $45 - year, $25 - 6months. We accept cash, or credit cards (fees apply). Visit us online, http://[email protected]

Fair Not Happening

2021 ArkLaMiss Fair has been canceled because of COVID-19 and Hurricane Ida.

JB’s Lawn Service

Dependable, reliable and reasonable lawn service, trimming hedges, flower beds cleaned, tree trimming, fence row cleaning, trust the best, JB’s Lawn Service call 318-537-9136.

Coffee Table Favorites

From Sword to Pen by Combat Soldier Veteran Art “Silver Fox” Edwards, get your copy today 318.680.1691. Burning on the Bayou by Rob Lloyd, Get your copy 318.512.3614.

Cannot Fail

The Word of God Cannot fail. Stop stressing, worrying and cast your cares first to Jesus. Tried everything else try Jesus for He is never too busy. He will always answer and you will always get through!

Protect Others & Yourself

This vaccine really is about not just protecting yourself but protecting your coworkers, your community, people who go to your church, people in your kids' school; your choice.

Happy Birthday Wishes

September 10 - Jewel Lain; September 11 - Eula Barton, Thelma Shaw; September 12 - Noah DeTiege; September 13 - Mary Wilson; September 15 - Norma Lain. When you talk to them, please wish them a very happy birthday and tell them you read it in the Monroe Dispatch.


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