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Stray Bullets Neighbors Uneasy



Stray bullet strikes vehicle

Gunshots were once unusual but have now become a normal occurrence in south Monroe neighborhoods. At one time, gunshots were only heard on peculiar nights or New Year's Eve, but now gunshots can be heard on any day at any time. As the years go by, no neighborhood is safe especially hearing gunshots so loud that they sound as if they are right outside one's doorstep. This leaves no time to pray, much less time to move to a safe part of a home. When gunshots are fired, the bullets travel until it hits something. On Monday, May 3, 2021, a south Monroe resident woke to find a stray bullet pierced into their car. The neighbor was surprised to see the bullet hole in their vehicle and frightened to think shots were fired so close to their home. Police were called and are conducting an investigation. No one wants to be a prisoner in their neighborhood or afraid to venture outside, knowing an errant or stray bullet may be fired near them.


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