Monroe Dispatch - No Struggle, No Progress

"Still, You Didn't Run" (The Boomerang Poem)


March 18, 2021

It’s 5:00 in the morning, breath stinking and I’m yawning, but something is on my mind

My eyes are all puffy, my nose is all stuffy, proving that even thugs


As much as I try to deny it, and my heart refuses to buy it, the numbers ain’t telling no lies

I have to face the facts, that when I trace my tracks, it’s impossible for Jr. to be mine.

Now, I ain’t gone act a fool, gone still take him to school, and give him money for his lunch

Ain’t gone walk out that door, treat you bad no more, or leave you in a crunch.

Now, I see how you must feel, when the truth was revea...

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