November 26, 2020

The word “hero” shouldn’t be taken lightly. We hear it often when someone has done a good deed for someone else, where that deed made a difference/change in their lives. We place special emphasis on the word when one person saves another person’s life. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but when it does, the person who performs as a hero, usually will shrug it off. They will say, “I only did” what anyone else would have done, which is not the case. Being in the right place at the right time helps, but it is that “inner something” that compels some to act, seemingly without regard to themselves. There are some people in certain professions (or not) that we can name, but nowhere are they found more than those who work in our hospitals. The COVID pandemic has almost decimated this wellbeing of this nation and the world. The irony of the devastation from the pandemic is that the so called industrialized/tech nations are the ones that are suffering the most. America is leading or right at the top of that list, which may cast this nation as being second rate when it comes to handling big emergencies. It didn’t used to be like that. This nation has been blessed with too many resources both in wealth and materials to the point that other less fortunate nations, see this nation as one that can “handle the big things.” However, as we have seen from February, those at the top of our government, have for lack of a better word, have failed its citizens.

Over 250,000 people have died and there is still a month to go in 2020. There are several promising vaccines that should be available in the next several months, but how many more of this nation’s citizens will die before the entire nation is vaccinated, is anyone’s guess. We are seeing record hospitalizations across the nation as the death count mounts and the toll on our medical personnel is wearing them down. Nurses and doctors are working long hours in conditions that are just as harmful to them as they are to patients. Patients are getting the care that they need, but what about the needs of those on the front lines. The media continues to bring to the public heart wrenching stories of doctors and nurses having to watch people, young and old, lives slip away from them. That sorrow is only matched by having to see family members not being able to be there to hold a loved one’s hand before they die. Saying a prayer is all family can do. Nevertheless, for our doctors and nurses, they have to carry on, as there are others who need their care. They need their professionalism, dedication, passion and their love of having people when they need it most. We all know someone who works in the medical community and are aware of the long hours that they put in on a daily basis. They all have families, a life and sometimes they may even have setbacks that may affect their daily routine. Nonetheless they show up when duty calls.

When these words are read, Thanksgiving will have come and gone. Yes, every day is a day of thanksgiving for the blessings that come from God. As we gather around the table to eat, let’s not forget to thank God for putting people in positions where their vocation is taking care of those that can’t take care of themselves. He truly has looked beyond faults and saw our needs. Everyone is not “cut out” to be a doctor or nurse. Perhaps there is a “calling” that some of us hear to do good, that everyone is not equipped to do as in being a doctor or nurse. We can all agree that they are needed. However, they need our help as much as we would need them in a time of sickness. They need us to listen to them as they tell us how to slow down the pandemic, hopefully reducing their workload. They are simply asking us to be responsible. Wear your mask, wash your hands, stay (social distancing) away from crowds, because the next face that they see, may be yours. They are our heroes.

PS: On November 28, my twin sister, Eddie Lee and I will “officially” enter the “threescore and ten” club. My, how times flies. Thanking God for each day and for loved ones. The journey continues. Life is good.


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