Monroe Dispatch - No Struggle, No Progress

By Marion Obafemi
Inspired By God 



October 29, 2020

Copyright 1995

Water falls from my eyes just like the rain

No need to be ashamed, its how I show my pain

Because politics is played like a dirty game

I want to help is what they all claim

But, until its time to vote, they don't even know your name

But, the fact remains:

What goes up is going to come down again

Nothing stays the same

Its time to make a change.

A closer look in the mirror, now the picture's clearer

There's no rain in my eyes, just so many tears

That my eyes spilled, all thru the years

I lost so many peers, that I hold dear

My friends disappear, but all the jails are filled

The louder I scream, it seems nobody hears

That we're getting killed

I think the end is near.

But, when the truth is told and its light glows

Its going to expose, all of those, who posed, and thought we'd never know

That when the door is closed, they're our biggest foes

So, let the record show, that as the pain grows down in my soul

It's harder to control

I think I'm gonna explode, and Lord knows.

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired

Of all the homicides, and drive-bys

Taking lives, brothers dying, mothers crying

And, politicians walking by on the other side

While we are struggling and striving to stay alive

They tell us lie after vicious lie

I wonder why, do we let them slide

As the tears roll down from "MY RAINING EYES"


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