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Parkview Shootings & Deaths


October 22, 2020

Unquestionably, Parkview Apartments in Monroe LA continue to be the focal area for criminal activity which leads to shootings and in many cases, ultimately, to fatalities. The entire country is already plagued by the coronavirus pandemic which impacts residents in the Parkview community. All of the news surrounding illnesses and efforts to keep families safe from catching the disease actually have some mothers afraid and fearful enough. Having to be cautious and protective of families and each other is more than enough responsibility rather than adding the responsibility to protect , shield, and often hide their families and loved ones from gunfire is extremely stressful. One resident opened up to say that the fear goes beyond the shooters who come in, but there is fear of other residents who are protective of these shooters. Living in close proximity like this , one has to be careful and not say anything to upset anyone. People live in Parkview Apartments because they have no other places to live. The physical buildings are livable, but the overall atmosphere can be uncomfortable. The constant shootings which surround the children are certainly unhealthy. It is extremely difficult to teach children that shootings and fighting are not the norm of everyday living when they have it going on around them very often. Most resident wish all of the violence would cease. Police officers come to investigate incidents, but incidents continue to occur. Residents do not have another place to live and really would like to enjoy a safe peaceful environment. Since the residents appear the ones with "Squatters Rights", why doesn't SOMEONE that responsibility to arrest, to ban or whatever it takes to stop the invading shooters or killers? There has to be some law or guideline to keep them off the property... a guideline or law which will be enforced. Families who are trying to make a home in Parkview Apartments deserve help. Some legal or social entity, or both, should take responsibility to see that they are safe.

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