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Warning… COVID-19 Not Over!


October 8, 2020

According to NBC News Reporter Daniel Hertzberz, the United States death toll could almost double in the next four months. As we reflect to March 2020 when scientists said we may end up with 200,000 or 300,000 deaths, everyone was saying that’s impossible. In the United States, after a brief dip earlier this month, the number of new cases daily is creeping up again. For coronavirus modelers, the writing has been on the wall. But this infectious disease modeling can be a tricky science easy to criticize for its uncertainties. Experts say coronavirus models have come a long way since the early days of the pandemic. Of course, not all models are accurate. Whatever we believe or do, we should continue to observe social distancing, washing hands frequently and good hygiene in general and certainly wearing masks. People have grown tired of wearing masks and many people really do not understand the reasoning behind it. Let’s just trust the words of the scientists and follow guidelines. We do not know how the virus will perform during winter months. More people will be staying inside and there is no prediction on how humans respond. People’s behavior changes over time, which is essentially unpredictable. Even though scientists look at data and make assumptions and predictions, the virus is so out of control that it may to fit into any model. We know that the country ended up peaking at about 1,000 deaths a day. Considering those numbers, we should be convinced that this virus is Real and that it is still here and not going anywhere soon.

We must remain patient and wait and see how the virus will act during the changing of seasons. We are advised to stock up on essential needs in the home, as well as keep gasoline in your automobiles. We need to get from place to place with the hopes that gas stations do not run out of gasoline. Be prepared for travel bans again. They were lifted for a while, but airlines are having problems and having to let numbers of employees go or be laid off due to financial strains when people stopped traveling by air for a period. We really do not know what the next move with the virus will be because for some people, it has hit them hard physically, but they have been able to switch back. While others have not been so fortunate because they lost their lives. Notice that people of all ages are being affected, and some are dying due to coronavirus. Scientists advise us that the virus predictions may be compared to weather forecasts which give off one signal with the possibility of something altogether different happening. Just be safe and cautious as you do your daily routines because COVID-19 is not gone and there is no indication that it will be leaving us soon.


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