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Smoking That Stuff


August 6, 2020

Yvonne A. Perry

Children are extremely smart and highly intelligent. Many are incredibly wise without parents help while those who receive instruction have the ability to comprehend at a higher level. Children aren't naive as we think. According to police reports, police were dispatched to a Conelia St. where a five, three and a one year old were left alone at a home in West Monroe LA. Police made contact with the children who opened the door. Upon arriving at the door, the five-year-old was asked," where was his mother?" The five-year-old stated, "doing grown up stuff down the street smoking that stuff." After being on the scene for 36 minutes the mother returned. She was identified as Yvonne Perry who was advised of Miranda Rights that she understood. The mother told police she had only been gone for five minutes. After speaking to the male driving the car which the suspect got out, he said they had been gone for about an hour. The suspect was arrested and booked on three counts of child desertion. There are three sides to every story. This was one side of this story. The Monroe Dispatch welcomes the other or another side of this story.

Photo Yvonne A. Perry


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