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By Your Side Legal Services (BYSLS) the first company to offer legal representation during encounters with law enforcement announces their crowdfunding campaign kick that can be viewed at . The money raised will be used to build an application that connects its clients with lawyers during interactions with law enforcement and to market their services. When BYSLS clients see blue lights in their rear view mirror or are stopped by a police officer on the street they will activate the BYSLS application. The application will connect them with a lawyer who will represent them during the encounter with law enforcement. When the officer approaches our clients they will hand them the BYSLS introduction card. The introduction card will inform the officer that our clients are going to refuse to answer questions based on their 5th amendment rights and do not consent to a search of their person, vehicle or passengers and their lawyer in on the phone and will speak on their behalf. Interactions with law enforcement during traffic stops or encounters on the street have been used as fishing expeditions. Citizens are often unsure of their rights and are under the impression that they are obligated to answer officer's questions. The framers of our constitution included the 5th amendment - the right from protection from self-incrimination by remaining silent and the 4th amendment that provides protection from unreasonable searches and seizures in the bill of rights. But unfortunately these protections are thrown away by citizens due to not understanding their rights and fear of the police. "Our prepaid legal services will help all citizens be more secure during interactions with law enforcement and give them the security of knowing they will not have to face an armed law enforcement officer alone and will have an attorney representation during all encounters with law enforcement. We look forward to launching our services with the goal of offering them in all 50 states within 18 months. Our services will cost $24.95 a month - .89 cents a day - less than the cost of small MacDonald's french fry and will deliver affordable legal representation for all" Austin Jambor CEO/Founder By Your Side.

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