Monroe Dispatch - No Struggle, No Progress



(A poem for an 8 year old candidate for baptism at Mt. Zion)

Copyright 2015 Written By: Mr. Marion Obafemi And, Inspired By: God

When momma called the roll, he was ab-sent

I never been to his class, no ad-mit

I never tasted his words, no ac-cent

We never came together, like mag-nets

But, still I picked up on all his bad hab-its

It’s hard to play a man’s role with no tran-script

It’s hard to build a house whole with no


I heard that Jesus, came to seek us,

when we’re lost like a sheep

He’s always on time, and is a trusted life

line, that saves you when you're in too deep

He shows compassion, when He passes,

and sees us wounded or grieved

He makes homes out of houses, even stands

in for spouses, when they walk out your life

and leave

Since I’m wounded beside the road, and

need some help with this load, maybe this man named

Jesus is who I need.

How I hoped and I prayed, that my daddy had

stayed, and showed me the light, but

he hid it

Under a bushel basket, instead of taking

the shot, he passed it, what he could have

done he didn’t .

Like a ball I was fumbled and he dropped it,

so I’m waiting in the line to be adopted, by

the father of my soul and spirit.

When I take that dip in the pool, I’ll

be enrolling in the school, that will bury

this thorn in my flesh

I will arise from that watery grave,

sins forgiven, soul saved, and ready to pass

my tests

As I feed off His word, I’ll learn that love is

a verb, and this world can’t make me happy

I’d rather have faith in the unseen, than

to keep chasing this dream,



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