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Mayor's Race Irregularities


Voter confusion, low black voter turnout and voters not being able to vote plagued Incumbent Mayor Jamie Mayo.

If African-Americans needed an incentive to vote in massive voting blocs, they need to look no further than what happened during last Saturday's July 11 mayor's race in Monroe. According to sources, hundreds, if not thousands of potential voters were denied their constitutional right to vote for the candidate of their choice in, you guessed it, predominately black precincts. Sources tell the Monroe Dispatch that the regular polling station at Carroll High School was changed, but none of the registered voters were aware until it was too late. The band room at Carroll High School has always been where black people in the neighborhood cast their votes, but that wasn't the case last Saturday. Only a handful of voters were able to cast ballots early Saturday morning because the area to cast votes was moved to the school's gym, which is at the rear of the school. It appears that those in charge of alerting voters of the change did not place any directional signs in/around the parking lot, indicating where voters were supposed to go. There wasn't even a sign at the entrance to the band building to alert voters of the change. By mid-morning, supporters of incumbent Mayor Jamie Mayo were highly concerned that voters were angry and confused because they weren't able to cast their votes. Many left in frustration. Mayo supporters were finally able to redirect voters to the gym, but momentum was lost as voters were allegedly not given information before arriving to cast their votes. There were other problems reported on the city's south side.

At the Henrietta Johnson Recreation Center on Burg Jones Lane, there were alleged problems with voting machines, and many voters, particularly young ones, were told that they were ineligible to vote because of changes in party affiliation. Those voters who had always voted Democratic were told that they were now listed as "Independent". There was mass confusion because none of those voters had changed their party registration. A complaint with the state of Louisiana over irregularities may be made in the interim period before Friday Ellis is sworn into office.

Photo Vote-Voter confusion where to voter cost Mayo votes.


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