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Go Vote Monroe Blacks/ Poor


Voting Time for the Monroe, LA mayor and council elections is here. Early voting will and on July 4, 2020. Election day is July 11, 2020. Go exercise your right to vote, and demonstrate the power through your votes that God has given you to make needed change, by electing people to office who will address the needs, concerns, desires, and best interests of you, your family, and community. If you make one step by voting for change in Monroe government leadership, God will make two. The first step by God will be to inspire your newly elected (Mayor/Council) officials to provide you with true, meaningful, measurable and effective, and fair share representation. God has given you the power for change, but because he gave you free will, he won’t demand you to use it. In past years you have sat idly by and failed to go to the polls and vote. This is your flaw and shortcoming. Don’t blame God, or anyone else. The blame is yours alone. Your vote is your power for change. Your vote is your voice that will be loud and clear if you use it. You have been ignored because you won’t vote. You have not, because you ask not, and have not stepped forward by using your votes to demand new Mayor/ Council leadership that will give you the fairness you deserve, and God will bless you with it if you accept it. You have complained about the lack of recreational outlets and activities for your children in South Monroe District 3, 4, and 5, where the majority of Monroe’s black youths and citizens live. You have complained current black mayor and council persons, the loss of thousands of black owned properties taken from you by black Monroe mayor and council members, the refusal of Monroe’s black mayor to raise the salaries of Monroe’s low paid employees to $9.00 per hour, while boasting about millions in budget surpluses, etc. Vote for change and God will give you all the above and more. It’s up to you. Got vote


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