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The End is Near


In the last days we must listen and obey God's word. When we (fear) take heed to God's word, and obey, this is when knowledge begins. We see the evil happening around the world, the bitter hatred, killings, deaths, mental illness, famines, pestilence, uncontrollable fires, floods, etc. The question is why are these things happening? The answer: man must repent to God for not listening, and doing what his word instructs him to do, (Proverbs. 1: 10 - 11). Man must repent of vain (empty) worship, any worship God in Spirit and in Truth, (John 4:24). Let's help someone, not lay in wait to do them harm, and take what they have worked for compassionate on widows, the sick, the poor. Let's give God the praise he deserves, Repent! Well Bless the Lord! Superintendent, Henry Davison


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