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Richwood Mayor/ Alderpersons Fat Raises


Richwood LA

Citizens of the town of Richwood, LA are upset again at the town's mayor, and all but one alderperson, Wysinger Cleveland, for voting to give themselves a substantial pay increase, while the town and citizens, voters and taxpayers, have received nothing regarding economic, community, recreational, infrastructure, 165 highway and community lighting, sewer, drainage, sidewalk, street, housing, transportation, traffic signal, business, jobs, or any other types of investments, or improvements. Citizens complain that Richwood elected officials are full of greed, and are overly concerned about them elves, and not be citizens, voters, and taxpayers of the town, or their quality of life. After 3 plus years of the current mayor, and several terms in office for most alder persons, there has been no noticeable progress, growth, or developments, strategic or comprehensive plans accomplished for the town. Some citizens complain that town officials didn't deserve the salaries they received prior to the recent salary increases. Citizens ask, other than using town income for a rewarding themselves, what have the mayor and alder persons done with the money received from property taxes, sales taxes, tickets, court costs, housing federal prisoners, etc.? Citizens speak of electing near elected officials to lead the town, or possible recalls if necessary. Go vote!


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