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Black Justice in America Demands Sacrifice


From Black slave rebellions to Nat Turner’s revenge, to the civil marches in protest of the 1920s, 30s, 60s, and in the recent 2000s, Black people in America have put their lives and freedoms on the line to combat, and bring attention to the injustices, racism, police brutality, murder, and apartheid, the American government has exercised against black Americans. The efforts and pleas, civil, legal, and legislative actions taken by blacks to try to gain relief from America’s historical persecution, has not ended this Satanic evil. Black Americans can continue to march, peaceful protest, pray, sing, and sue in court, plead, complain, and blame the police and criminal justice system for the inhumane treatment they receive, but, until black Americans resolve to fight fire with fire, violence with violence, oppression with true ongoing physical resistance, their enslavement and ill treatment tions, and eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth Biblical pronouncement. Joshua fought the battle of Jericho until its walls fell down, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, Pharaohs army drowned in the Red Sea, there was war in heaven between good and evil angels, David killed Goliath, God destroyed mankind and the world with a flood, therefore, nonviolence isn’t the only means of addressing evil and injustice. Killings of black Americans by the police is Satan’s evil influence. God has empowered Blacks to defend against it. The power is blacks’ to use. Vote! No justice, no peace, no sacrifice, no reward! Black Justice in America Demands Sacrifice by the American government will escalate. If America’s blacks have spent 3 to 4 centuries fighting against slavery and injustices in America, and have not achieved their desired ends, or outcome, a change in approach is certainly necessary. There is a time for peace, and a time for war, says the holy Bible. Black Americans, since being brought to America as slaves in the 1600s, have suffered much, but have practiced restraint, peace and nonviolence, while enduring every imaginable evil America has put before them. Blacks desire for peace, love, and tolerance, has been commendable, noble and godly, in keeping with their spiritual makeup, in obedience to God’s will to show love. To gain fairness, respect, justice and freedom, it is apparent that blacks must evolve from being passive, docile, indifferent, and non-combative, and rise to the cause of resistance through every means necessary, including physical confrontation.


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