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Black in America 2020


Don't Shoot

Being Black in America many times means in order to become free, Blacks have to die. When people die there are no Black folks in heaven! There are no poor folks, ignorance, neglect, section 8 housing, used car lots, interstate highways running through the hood, no railroad tracks, abandon housing, liquor stores, trap houses, housing projects, or racism once people die. Also, the internalization of racism for white people, which translates into internalized superiority, makes many white people believe that when they interact with black people, they are right and blacks are wrong. This leads to discriminatory practices today and the understanding among the black community that any activity we engage in is subject to unwarranted risk, activities such as driving while black, shopping while black, banking while black, barbecuing while black, parking while black and, now, jogging while black. This history has defined the phenotypes of black people as an inherent threat to white people, even when unarmed.

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