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More of Nation Reopens to Uncertainty


There are two “viruses” currently running all over the United States. One is COVID-19, a virus that is rapidly approaching 100,000 deaths in just under three months. Imagine how the nation would react if 100,000 soldiers were killed in that amount of time. Someone starting with the president would have to answer some very tough questions as to why so many soldiers are dying. A fresh approach, no doubt would be looked at. The virus, according to some at the CDC hasn’t reached its peak. The initial peak estimate was that between 100,000 to 200,000 people would die at the current trajectory, as it seems that the experts were right. The other “virus” that is starting to take the U.S. by storm, is the increasing number of people all over the nation, who are being more proactive in their stance against state issued guidelines to curtail what is starting to be more contact between defiant individuals. One virus is yet to be controlled under laboratory conditions, if not human interaction conditions. And it is those unrestrained interactions that are threatening to make matters much worse. In a race to save the economy, many leaders are no longer urging people to listen to their governors, as they are all but leading a physical charge to reopen the economy. Sounds like a page out of the Trump playbook. None of those leaders are on the front lines shoulder to shoulder with the protesters, but somehow, they say that they “feel their pain”. As the deaths mount, those leaders will say that those who gave their lives “were warriors”, and maybe they won’t, because none of them have claimed that they are warriors just like them. In other words, they will talk the talk, but won’t walk the walk. Only one person looks to benefit the most-President Donald Trump.

Speaking of the president, Mr. Trump made an admission that he has been taking the malaria fighting drug, hydroxychloroquine for some time as a preventive measure against COVID-19. Two questions. Why do that and does he even listen to any doctors, including the White House doctor? It was not too long ago the president was saying the drug was worth trying, asking “what do you have to lose” to COVID-19 stricken patients. After a few trial runs, the drug has proven to be highly ineffective and deaths have been reported. Now the president perhaps wants to “lead by example”, if he is really taking the drug. That would be hard to believe, given the president’s track record when it comes to telling the truth. In addition, and most importantly, how will Trump’s supporter react in the coming days. Will they wait and see if the president goes off to that “White House in the sky”, or will some start to ask for the drug because the president said that he took it. Strange days indeed!

One other possibility that may exist is that the president is not taking the drug, but will admit to an elaborate stunt to convince his voters that he “will do anything” for his base and the nation “to prove” how much he cares about “making America great again”. That along with other events pushing the nation to reopen sooner than it should, such as conservative state Supreme Courts overruling some governor’s stay at home orders, and reports of some law enforcement officers refusing to disperse people who are in establishments that are still prohibited from opening. And then there are some conservative preachers actively urging members of their congregations to attend worship because it is their “constitutional” freedom and right to do so, despite the multiple warnings from the medical profession. There are now those who mocked the virus, calling it a hoax, are now pleading with people to take the virus seriously, now that they are stricken with it. They are seeing firsthand what happens to the body when the infection takes a serious turn. Nonetheless as previously noted, it may be too late to close the gate, as whatever control governors may have had, that control is rapidly evaporating. Just as in a virus not being confronted early, the number of people who are willing to take back their freedom after listening to some politicians and religious leaders, may have something on their hands that is not good for the nation. Remember, the world is watching. So is God.


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