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In the film The Great Debaters, you will learn how to use debate in your own household, you will find several scenarios that address all human relationships including conflict resolution, some that are not initially understood by the child, James Farmer, Jr., especially when his father accidentally killed the white man’s pig although the white man began pulling a gun on his father if he wouldn’t pay an exorbitant price then and there. The following is an Q. & A. highlight format which is simply an appetizer of what you will learn from the film. (Q) Who were the Wiley College Forensic Society debaters of 1935-36? (A) Hamilton Burgess, Henry Lowe, Samantha Booke, and James Farmer, Jr. (Q) Wiley College won many championships including being undefeated for ten years and most historical was the first ever Negro college to face the national champs who were white. Which university was it? (A) Harvard (Q) What Negro scholar was the first to receive a PhD. from a white university, Harvard in particular? (A) W.E. B. DuBois. (Q) Who walked from Florida to Massachusetts to go to college at Boston University where he graduated magna cum laude and spoke seven languages? (A) James Farmer, Sr. (Q) What slave owner said “Keep the body, take the mind?” ie. keep the slave strong but psychologically dependent on slave master. (A) Willie Lynch. (Q) What is called a blood sport whose weapons are words? (A) Debate (Q) Who was in college at 14 and at 21 became founder of C.O.R.E. (Congress of Racial Equality)? (A) James Farmer, Jr. (Q) In what year and what paper announced that the “N” in Negro would be capitalized? (A) 1920 and New York Times. (Q) World War II lasted from 1914 to 1918. How many casualties were there? (A) 8,281,000. Remember, we are here because of the veterans who survived. That is the main reason we should pay tribute and respect always. LOCAL PRIDE: Who started in the newspaper business 49 years ago and began a local paper The Monroe Dispatch in 1975? (A) the late Mrs. Irma Hall DeTiege. Some of you will learn great quotes, enhanced vocabulary, and much more. Please make this a family event and share discussions on social media.


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