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Importance of Voting



Gwendolyn Dickson

One of the most important rights Americans have is the right to vote. This guaranteed all citizens, regardless of their race, would receive equal treatment under the law and not be deprived of their rights. We should vote in support of American democracy from which our ancestors paid a huge price and gave us this freedom in the first place. Voting is important because, without it, citizens would not be able to choose who they think would be the best candidate. Voting is a major responsibility. Those who do not vote are failing to carry out a civic duty. Without a doubt, our country is in a crisis. It is crucial that we show up to the polls to re-elect Jamie Mayo as mayor. He will continue to move the city of Monroe to higher heights. It is important to vote on July 11, 2020. If we stay at home, critical issues can affect our families, state, and city. Every vote cast on July 11, 2020, makes a difference to a candidate, to a community, and to America. Casting your vote will continually work to protect, preserve, and strengthen our democracy. As citizens of Monroe, it is our duty to demonstrate love, commitment, loyalty, and patriotism to the city. Your vote matters! It is your voice, it is your impact, and it is your support that will strengthen the future of our democracy. Make your voice heard and let your vote counts. You must take the time to vote! Vote for leaders who represent our community to the fullest. Vote for a better tomorrow. Re-elect Jamie Mayo as mayor of the city of Monroe, #189.


J-Just the right leader to serve the City of Monroe four more years as mayor

A-Administrative skills and ability to attract business, jobs, and tourists

M-Measure the success of Mayo who has the city in better shape than he found it

I-Integrity, honesty, and humility are qualities of our mayor. He is a man of Integrity.

E-Excellent work from an experienced leader in the face of adversity

Mayor Jamie Mayo

M-Make tough decisions and tackle issues affecting the community

A-Ability to inspire others and the ability to delegate

Y-Yield to knowing the way, going the way and showing the way

O-Opportunity to provide leadership with a strong desire to make a difference in our city


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