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Wilderness Experience



Pastor Alonzo Clark

What the world is experiencing is likened into a wilderness experience. We, as believers and unbelievers alike, will have times where, for a moment, we cannot seem to find comfort in our thoughts. Many ideas like - we have lost a job (how will I make it?), we've lost a loved one (what will we do without them?), or we've lost our way (how will we get back on track?) - are coming to us, more often than we would like.

Know that your wilderness experience is not the only one. Nothing under the sun is new. There are people living and dying from HIV, Cancer, Heart Disease, and many other things. Your experience may be unique to you as we endure this pandemic, but I dare you to try God. Hallelujah!!!

Isaiah 40:3 can give us help. - "The voice crying on the wilderness says, prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God. Amen.


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