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More Escapes from Swanson


April 23, 2020

According to unconfirmed sources, multiple youths escaped from the Swanson Youth Center here in Monroe on Sunday morning (April 19). If, what some are saying is true, the community needs to hear from officials at Swanson. Residents will recall that it was only several weeks ago, that two inmates escaped from the facility by going over a fence, but they were soon captured. The community was notified in that instance. The community needs answers to questions such as, how did the incident start. How many escaped this time? Were all of them captured, and how long did it take? Who was injured, inmate and/or staff? There has been no word from Swanson officials over the latest alleged, yet unconfirmed incident that is said to have happened at Swanson.

In related news there was an incident at a juvenile detention facility that was reported in Bridge City, La. According to media sources, what was described as a "mini-riot" broke out at the Bridge City Correctional Center for Youth, as fighting among 40 inmates took place. The incident allegedly started around 8:30 p.m. that quickly got out of control with property allegedly being destroyed. Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Swat Team was deployed to help restore order. Inmates involved in the disturbance were transported to other facilities in northern areas of the state. It is unclear whether any of those inmates were sent to Swanson. In the interest of public safety, residents, not just those that live in the surrounding area of those youth centers, should be told the facts for their own peace of mind. As of press time, there has been no response or comment from state officials at the Office of Juvenile Justice regarding either one of the incidents.


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