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The End Is Near


Families are rising up against each other, Mother's against Daughters, Fathers against their sons. There are earthquakes in different places, food is in short supply in many countries, diseases are running rampant in many countries, ( there is no antibiotics ) ALL these are the beginning of sorrows .

Many are using this time to repent to one another, and offer comfort through God 's word. Psalm 91 has become the scripture many rely upon. Brothers and Sisters are given to us by God for times of trouble. The enemy ( satan) wants to destroy our support system by sowing discord , Don't be deceived!

Woe ! Woe ! Woe! To those on the earth for GREAT WRATH has upon men ( coronavirus) yet men refuse to repent from their sins. Many spiritual leaders are corrupt, profaming the name of God. They intentionally disobey God's commandments .

Civil Leaders take the name of God in vain, they have no respect nor fear of the ways of God. They think that they are in control of how men should live. God has set standards as to how we should live, toward him and each other. Well bless God!

Last weeks article on elderly fraud tainted my soul ., truly the love of many has waxed cold in these last and evil days .

Mistreatment of the elderly is the lowest of lows , all these actions will come before God to be judged. Woe! Woe! Woe!

Superintendent Henry Davison


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