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Indecent Behavior Inexcusable


Richard Gilbert

We live in some unpredictable times, where you never know what terrible plague might occur. All the things happening now are nothing new because they have already happened in a different form. In the Bible, stories of what is happening now are written, all one has to do is read. According to police reports, suspect Richard Gilbert, 38, reportedly attempted to get a juvenile to perform a sex act. Alarmed by the cries of her daughter, the mother was informed by her daughter that the suspect attempted to receive oral sex in another room of the house overnight. Upon hearing about the incident, the mother put the suspect out of the home. Local authorities were called and the victim gave details of the incident along with a description of the suspect. The suspect was located and arrested on one count of indecent behavior with a juvenile but denied the allegations. Women with children should be on guard with who they allow in their houses and around their children. There are three sides to every story. This was one side of this story. The Monroe Dispatch welcomes another or the other side of this story.


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