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Churches and Civic Organizations COVID-19 Roles


The COVID-19 pandemic has hit all facets of the world with shock.

Initially, everyone wonders what to do to take care of themselves and their families. As the dust settles, we must consider what can we do to assist with the care of others. Certainly, this is an excellent time for collaboration among churches and civic organizations.

Probably, most churches and civic organizations have in place a plan to assist those in need in the community. We often hear about special events for senior citizens throughout the year. It is time to apply principles of this plan during this crisis.

Within and outside the membership of the organization and churches, there should be delivery of supplies and essentials to elderly and families who can use assistance. It would be a wonderful gesture for memberships from both groups to organize to prioritize services on a scheduled basis to the special populations.

Not only should supplies and food be shared, but also current information about what is going on with the coronavirus. Spending time discussing events, assessing needs and praying with elderly and families in very important.

Do and say whatever is appropriate to fear, anxiety misinformation and rumors. Certainly, all people need these helpful services. Ongoing networking among these groups is essential to determine where needs are to be addressed with immediate attention. These organizations may also reach out to the essential workers, such as employees in stores, pharmacies and medical facilities, delivery and transportation drivers, and others who have jobs that responsibilities to do things to keep people surviving.

While most organizations and churches have missions to serve the community, it is of extreme urgency that all efforts are coordinated to ensure that people are given best of care.


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