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"Mayor James E. Mayor Spotlight"


February 27, 2020

Mayor James E. Mayo


T- Together E- Everyone A- Accomplishes M- More

by Gwendolyn Dickson

I pause to reflect, on someone who deserves our respect. Mayor James E. Mayo is the name I will always adore. So, allow me the opportunity to tell you more.

Being a mayor is one of the toughest jobs. The mayor's job is big. A mayor must have certain intrinsic abilities that will allow him to help the city move forward. Our society is quick to identify a bad leader. "Nothing can dim the light which shines within."

Behind every great city, there is a great mayor. Mayor Mayo is a powerful and supportive leader in the city of Monroe. He exemplifies high expectations, clear goals, great leadership, and a vison to excel the city of Monroe to higher heights. Mayor Mayo has a vision for this community and city that encourages collaboration. Without a vision, the city will perish.

Through his deeds and good works, he has built in his effort to make a difference in our community. With all duties incumbent upon him as a mayor, he finds time to make a positive impact on the city. Yes, Monroe is truly blessed to have such caring and supportive mayor who goes above and beyond to make our city, "Monroe Proud."

In this 2020 Mayoral Candidates Race, there is a lot of talk about who wants to be mayor. However, no one has asked the probing question, "What are the characteristics of an effective mayor?" The City of Monroe needs a great mayor, not just someone who thinks they can do the job and wouldn't mind the perks that go along with it. We need someone to rattle the cage without fearing who might rattle back.

TEAM MAYO is running this mayoral race based on three characteristics: Experience, Leadership and Success. Many of the mayoral candidates haven't exhibited these three character traits. (1) Experience: Mayor Mayo has over 28 years of experience in business and government. (2) Leadership: Leaders shape our nation, state, and city. We need a mayor with management and leadership skills. Management is the ability to move from Point A to Point B. Leadership entails where Point B is located. We need a leader who has a vision but understands how public policy, public safety and city finances work. (3) Success: Mayor Mayo understands how vital economic development is to our city. He embraces new ideas while understanding and educating himself on what makes our city great. Under the Mayo administration, the City of Monroe is enjoying its best fiscal position in history. Monroe is a seven-time winner of the Louisiana Municipal Association Achievement Award. Mayor Mayo has many notable accomplishments and upcoming projects.

Why Mayo for Mayor? Mayo inspires, motivates, and listens to the CITIZENS not just those that have great lobbyists or good connections with the movers or shakers. Mayor Mayo will stand up for this community and fight to make us great. Mayo is a fearless, passionate and smart leader. Mayor Mayo knows that being a mayor isn't an easy job. In many ways, it's a thankless job. This great city needs to re-elect the great Mayor Mayo. So, I pose this question to all the candidates who threw their hat into the ring for this Mayoral Race –WHY? Why are you the person who can make this city great? Why are you the one we can trust to help us tip in the right direction? Do you have over 28 years in government? Mayors who show great leadership qualities can inspire their team to accomplish great things. Everyone is a leader but only a selected few are great leaders. So go the best person for the job. GO WITH MAYO!


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