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November 7, 2019

We hear about unsolved cases through the media in different states throughout the country. Now, we hear about the unsolved killings right here in our own backyard at home. Even when there are arrests made, the cases seem to fade away and there seem to be little to no follow-up to such violent crimes. Failure to solve some of the homicides is since no one will talk, not friends nor family members. We must wonder if there is fear among them, either for their lives or other family members or friends. Some people are not talking to authorities because they plan to take the law into their own hands and handle the matter themselves. Revenge is never the way to solve such crimes. It only leads to more killings. There is always a hint that drug deals go bad and gang activity is a part of the reason for killings. It the killings are actually a part of drug or gang activity, a cycle of violence results and very few arrests are made because more victims surface. In some cases, money from drug activity is used to finance family expenses, and a web of loyalty has been developed that even the police officers cannot penetrate. Attitudes toward law enforcement are sometimes so very negative that neighborhoods are quiet and do not share what they know. Unfortunately, the residents consider law enforcement to be the enemy. Families become frustrated when the case is not quickly solved, and they will lose or end contact with officers. Officers say that they could solve more of the killings with community cooperation. Usually, someone in the community will know something which will provide leads to solving the crimes. People in the community need to have faith in law enforcement because they are the protectors of everyone. The lack of communication is what law enforcement battle the most. Communities and law enforcement must unite and come together to tackle these senseless killings.


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