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Pay Attention to Political Issues


October 1, 2018

Political issues affect us all and it is vital that we pay attention to them. We must realize that the government has control over many aspects of our lives. Politicians can alter our access to reproductive/contraceptive resources, our taxes, our healthcare, our benefits, our access to guns, our school systems, and our rights and freedoms. There is no amount of money, no race or culture, and no age that keeps you completely safe from the hands of the law. You may find yourself without clean water like our neighboring towns. Like them, you will believe that the government bodies are not doing enough to assist you. It is important to pay attention to how candidates approach and handle sensitive issues. There is something that you are passionate about that politicians are talking about right now on the local and national levels. However, you should pay attention so those items will not slip by you. You may not care about the economy or immigration, but it is certain that there is something you care about that is being discussed by politicians at this very moment. Whether it’s the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana, LGBTQ rights, police brutality, veteran benefits, affordable health care, defunding Planned Parenthood, or gun control, there is something that you feel strongly about that politicians are discussing. Whatever your area of interest, you should pay attention. You can make a real difference. Contrary to popular belief, your vote matters. When people don’t vote because they are not interested, an election can turn out unexpectedly. Take time to become aware of the local issues that directly affect your community, especially since we have upcoming school board elections as well as election of judges. Voting matters. Just look at the school invasions across the United States. Do not think that Monroe is off the map as a place for schools to be invaded. Certainly, everyone hopes that it never happens here. You do not have to get actively involved but you should make it your business to find out the topics of discussion and determine your views on them. Doing this will make a meaningful difference when you vote.


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