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October 1, 2018

I remember watching television shows like the Jetsons and thinking a lot of the technologies they had would be nice but never actually saw them really happening. The Jetsons were based in the 2060 future era, and we are only in 2018. Our reality is that we have arrived near the Jetson-like present and future faster than anticipated thanks to inventors with creative imaginations and the engineers who can make those visions come to life.

A simple modern efficiency that has always been used is the TV. I remember when I first begin watching television; shows were limited to a specific time slot for a certain day and time. If you didn’t catch the broadcast of your favorite show you would have to wait until the following week to view a new episode. I remember planning my day around favorite tv shows or tv specials. I can also remember using video tapes to record tv shows that I liked. Video tapes were expensive and I only owned a few blank video tapes, so I had to limit my video recording or record over shows that I’d previously recorded. Now, TV shows are available on the go. If you have a cable subscription, Wi-Fi or cell service, and a device, you can watch TV shows on the go, whenever you’d like.

Even the way we talk on the phone has changed. We no longer rely on landlines as the only way we give and receive calls. We now use cell phones that can be taken anywhere in the world (as long as there is cellular reception). We can also instant message people and video chat using our devices.

These modern-day technologies are continuing to evolve, and will definitely contribute to an advanced future. It is important to encourage kids to dream with a wild creativity and then figure out practical ways to make those dreams a reality.


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