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October 1, 2018

The school year of 1966- 67 was a very eventful and exciting year, for the young men attending Eula D. Britton High School, Rayville, LA. The announcement of a football team was a long-awaited dream for the boys who had played football on empty lots around Rayville and on the school grounds. Many of them eagerly tried out for the school's first football team the fall of 1966. Several members of the football team shared their memories during the" Down Memory Lane" segment at the school reunion, June 30- July 1,2018 holding the audience spell bound. Mr. Samuel Chivers was the Head Coach, his assistants were: the late Melvin Rodgers, the late Willie Seaberry and John Thornton. Without spring training, the team proudly played G.W. Griffin (Lake Providence) Pinecrest (Alexandria) and Ruby McCall (Tallulah) High Schools. Captain Iris Lee Virgin and Co-Captain Charlie Lee lead the team to their only victory that season. The first cheerleaders were: Verdie M. Green, Louise McCarthy, Norma Ruth Norwood, Gwendolyn Rodgers, and Dorothy Williams. Down memory lane ended with a moment of silent prayer for the deceased members of the football team, the coaches and the cheerleaders. Regretfully, the football team only existed a short time due to the closure of our school in May ,1970 during the era of school integration. Although no state championships were won, the memories of the football team will always linger in the players' minds and their stories will always be a part of the legacy of Eula D. Britton High School. Historian Annie Ruth S. Staten, "1966"

Photo Eula D. Britton Football l-r: Nelson Woods, Robert Curry, Larry Williams, Charlie Lee and Charles Robinson Annie Ruth S. Staten,Down Memory Lane Facilitator


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